Legislative Agenda

2023 Legislative Victories


Public assistance; expand temporary assistance for needy families eligibility criteria to pregnant women.


SB 233 School Vouchers - (OPPOSE) Defeated

$6,500 educational vouchers to students who attend the 25% lowest performing schools in the state.

2023 Legislative Agenda

HB 144/HB 30 Anti-Semitism - Carson 46th (SUPPORT)

HB 37 Community Health, Department of; mitigate the potential loss of Medicaid coverage - caused by discontinuation of Families First Coronavirus Response Act. - Beverly 143rd (SUPPORT)

HB 38 Expand Medicaid - Beverly 143rd (SUPPORT)

HB 135 Safe Gun Storage - Oliver 82nd (SUPPORT)

HB 161 Pediatric Health Safe Storage Act - Au, Michelle 50th   (SUPPORT)

HB 1 Compensation for forced childbirth – Kendrick 95th (SUPPORT)

HB 129 - Extend TANIF benefits to pregnant women Hong 103rd (SUPPORT)

HB 107 Police Accountability Act - Scott 76th (SUPPORT)

HB 113 Preventing Tragedies Between Police and Communities Act - Scott 76th (SUPPORT)

HB 114 Law enforcement officers; implicit bias training - Scott 76th (SUPPORT)

HB 115 End Racial Profiling Act - Scott 76th (SUPPORT)

HB 44  Requires universal background checks in all manner of firearm transfers and purchases. - Au 50th (SUPPORT)

HB 179 Solitary Confinement Limitation Act - Hutchinson 106th (SUPPORT)

SB 75 Firearms; the offense of making a firearm accessible to a child - Parent 42nd (SUPPORT)

SR 109 Recognition of Marriage Act - Butler 55th (SUPPORT)

HB 325 Transparency in Policing Act – Miller 62nd (SUPPORT)

SB 140 Prohibits medical treatment of transgender minors (puberty blockers) Summers 13th (OPPOSE)


SR 148 Right to Register and Vote; remove as an exception conviction of a felony involving moral turpitude. – McLaurin 14th (SUPPORT)


HB 325 Transparency in Policing Act – Miller 62nd (SUPPORT)

HB 334 Criminal history record Expungement - Smith 18th (SUPPORT)


SB 88 Parents and Children Protection Act of 2023 - Summers 13th (OPPOSE)


SB 180 Georgia Religious Freedom Restoration Act -  Setzler 37th (OPPOSE)

Status: Not assigned to a committee as yet (OPPOSE) 

SB 157 Occupational Licensing - Strickland 17th (SUPPORT)

HB 442 Provide the judicial procedure for purging a person's involuntary hospitalization information. Buckner 137th (SUPPORT) 

HB 404 Safe at Home Tenant’s Rights  Act  - Carpenter 4th (SUPPORT)

HB 584 Georgia Red Flag Protective Order Act - Roberts 52nd (SUPPORT)

HB 462 Raise the Age to 17 for Juvenile Court Jurisdiction

 Act – Ballinger 23rd (SUPPORT)