Mission Statement

Jewish tradition teaches to speak up, judge righteously, and champion the poor and the needy (Prov 31:9). Guided by these values and the resolutions of the Union for Reform Judaism, TzedekGeorgia will advocate with the Georgia State government for human rights, equal rights, and justice or tzedek for all... More > >


·        We are a 100% volunteer group.


·        We are non-partisan.


·   We have become the leading Jewish advocacy group at the Georgia Capitol for social justice legislation.


·        We are the only Jewish organization that lobbies at the Georgia Capitol for social justice that has a full time lobbyist during the legislative session.


·        All legislation that we work on are consistent with the positions of the Union for Reform Judaism.


·        We are active members of many State coalitions.


·        We seek congregants who are passionate about social justice to join us.


·        Participants are encouraged to use the name Tzedek Georgia while lobbying. Participants are instructed not to use the name of their congregation unless authorized by the congregation.


·        We do not solicit or accept donations.


·        We have a lobby day during the legislative session


·        As a value added we offer free training on how to effectively lobby and influence legislators to our participants and coalition partners.


2021 Legislative Agenda

 HB 15: Preventing Tragedies Between Police and Communities Act - Scott, Sandra 76th (Support)

Require training on de-escalation techniques for Law Enforcement Officers

House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee

 HB 17: End Racial Profiling Act - Scott, Sandra 76th (Support)

House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee

 HB 18: Police Accountability Act – Scott, Sandra 76th (Support)

  • Require all Law Enforcement Agencies provide a body-worn camera to each Law Enforcement Officer and require their use.
  • Prohibit Law Enforcement Officers using chokeholds
  • Law Enforcement Officers shall apply nonviolent means, when possible, before resorting to the use of physical force.
  • Law Enforcement Officers shall be justified in using deadly physical force to make an arrest only when all other means of apprehension are impractical given the circumstances and the arrest is for a felony involving conduct that includes the use or threatened use of deadly force.
  • Law Enforcement Officers shall intervene to prevent or stop another Law Enforcement Officers from using physical force that exceeds the degree of force permitted.

House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee

 HB 35: Ethical Policing Act - Scott, Sandra 76th (Support)

Limit qualified civil immunities for the actions of Law Enforcement Officers.

 HB 45: Repeal Citizen Arrest - Gilliard, Carl 162nd Smyre, Calvin 135th (Support)

 HB 52: Crimes and offenses; persons convicted of family violence offenses cannot possess or carry firearms (Support)          Bazemore, Debra 63rd

Provide that persons convicted of certain family violence offenses cannot possess or carry firearms.  

House Judiciary Committee

HB 109: Child Victim Act of 2019; enact (Support)    Clark, Heath 147th

To extend the statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse under certain


House Judiciary Committee


HB 233: Prohibit No-Knock Warrants (Support) Beverly, James 143rd

House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee

 HB 276: Student Athlete Protection Act (Oppose)

To provide that public and governmental facilities shall not be utilized for athletic competitions in which a person who is not a biological male is allowed to participate in athletic events conducted exclusively for males or a person who is not a biological female is allowed to participate in athletic events conducted exclusively for females.

House Education Committee

 We will include any of the Bills listed below if they are introduced

 Probation Reform (Support)

  • Capping probation sentence (Georgia is higher than national average)     
  • Limiting automatic arrest for probation rule violation
  • Access to early termination after 3 years


Driver’s License Reform (Support)

  • Waive reinstatement fee for the poor.

 Repeal no excuse absentee voting (Oppose)

 Repeal BDS Law (Oppose)

 Religious Freedom Act (Oppose)

Right to discriminate against citizens in the secular world based on deeply held religious views.

 Carry gun without a license (Oppose)

 Gun Safety Act (Support)

Provide for a background check for guns purchased at gun shows and that only dealers may legally sell, transfer, or exchange a firearm at a gun shows.

 Repeal Campus Carry Law (Support)

 Comprehensive Civil Rights (Support)

Georgia is one of just three states in the nation that does not a state civil rights law protecting individuals  by race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability or national origin from discrimination.

 Medicaid Expansion (Support)

Medicaid expansion at $148 million and cover up to 526,000 people in the first year. Waivers cover 50,000 people and cost about the same as Medicaid expansion.. Georgia’s uninsured rate, which at 13% is third-highest in the nation.

 Cash Bail (Oppose)

The Bills would kill existing bail reform in the City of Atlanta and prevent any other city or county from ending cash bail.

 Conversion Therapy (Support)

Prohibit therapy to change sexual orientation. Has been determined to do psychological damage.


Penal institutions; commissioner of corrections to report certain information (Oppose)

To require the commissioner of corrections to report certain information regarding the immigration status, offenses, and home countries of persons who are confined under the authority of the Department of Corrections.

 Prohibit possession of automatic and semi-automatic rifles (Support)


To prohibit the possession of automatic and semi-automatic guns; to subject all transfers or purchases of firearms at gun shows to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.


Georgia Red Flag Protective Order Act (Support)

Allow law enforcement officers to petition a judge to remove guns from potentially dangerous individuals -- people who've made explicit threats, have mental health issues or have inflicted self-harm. 78% of Georgia voters support. (AJC poll 1/19/2020)

 Discrimination In Child Adoption (Oppose)

Would give adoption agencies — including taxpayer-funded ones — a license to discriminate against same-sex couples and LGBTQ youth. Research shows that same-sex couples are four times more likely than opposite-sex couples to be raising adopted children, and six times more likely to be raising foster children. Limiting LGBTQ Georgians’ ability to adopt will reduce the pool of available, loving homes.

 Raise the Age (Support)

Would raise the age of juvenile court jurisdiction to include 17-year-olds