Mission Statement

Jewish tradition teaches to speak up, judge righteously, and champion the poor and the needy (Prov 31:9). Guided by these values and the resolutions of the Union for Reform Judaism, TzedekGeorgia will advocate with the Georgia State government for human rights, equal rights, and justice or tzedek for all... More > >


·        We are a 100% volunteer group.


·        We are non-partisan.


·   We have become the leading Jewish advocacy group at the Georgia Capitol for social justice legislation.


·        We are the only state-wide Jewish organization that lobbies at the Georgia Capitol for social justice that has a full-time lobbyist during the legislative session.


·        All legislation that we work on are consistent with the positions of the Union for Reform Judaism.


·        We are active members of many State coalitions.


·        We seek congregants who are passionate about social justice to join us.


·        Participants are encouraged to use the name Tzedek Georgia while lobbying. Participants are instructed not to use the name of their congregation unless authorized by the congregation.


·        We do not solicit or accept donations.


·        We have a lobby day during the legislative session


·        As a value added we offer free training on how to effectively lobby and influence legislators to our participants and coalition partners.


2021 Legislative Victories:

Repeal of Citizen Arrest Law.

The law was passed in 1863 that’s rooted in a racist history, often used to round up slaves and lynch Black people. The law is one of the defenses of the perpetrators who murdered Ahmaud Arbery a young black man while he was jogging.

Probation Reform

It will make anyone who has met these milestones to be eligible for early termination of probation: served at least three years on probation, no revocations in the last 24 months, and no arrests for anything other than a non-serious traffic offense and paid all restitution.