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Proposed Legislation

2015 Legislative Agenda

SB 8 - Sex Trafficking and Safe Harbor (Support)

This bill would require that we treat minors as victims and direct them to receive needed services to restore them to the community, rather than treating them as criminals, and provide needed funding for those services.

B 323 - The State Fair Employment Practices Act (Support)

A BILL to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender.

 (76% of Georgia voters support this protection for state employees)

Prevents costly litigation. Georgia lost a case in 2010 in Federal Court.

  • Ensures that Georgia’s Colleges and Universities are competitive with major research institutions

Expand Medicaid in Georgia (Support)

Encourage Governor Deal to allow Georgia to expand Medicaid under the Federal Affordable Care Act that would insure 650,000 Georgians.

Federal Government pays 100% for first 3 years. Starting in 2017 the Federal Government pays 95% and starting in 2020 pays 90%.

Would create over 70,000 new jobs in Georgia.

  • Would infuse $8.2 billion in Georgia economic activity
  • Would result in $276 million in state and local tax revenue
  • Would save over 3,600 lives each year in Georgia
  • Would prevent GA Hospitals from closing

SB 129 / HB 218 -Preventing Government Overreach on Religious Expression (Oppose)

(Freedom to Discriminate Bill)

 Would allow people who adhere to fundamentalist religious views to discriminate against people who they consider to be sinners.

Examples of what could happen if Bill is passed:

  • Restaurants could refuse service to LGBT people.


  • Hotels/Motels could not allow LGBT people to stay.


  • Businesses could not sell to LGBT people. 90% of American for-profit companies are “closely held” employing 53% of Americans.


  • A police officer could refuse to intervene in a domestic violence if his/her religion allows husband to beat their wives.

  • Doctors and Nurses could refuse medical care to AIDS patients who got the disease by sinning.


  • Doctors and Nurses could refuse medical treatment such as birth control or in vitro fertilization.

  • Doctors and Nurses could refuse to give blood transfusions.


  • Teachers could refuse to teach LGBT children or children born out of wedlock.


  • Dept. of Motor vehicles could refuse to issue Drivers licenses to LGBT people.