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Proposed Legislation

2019 Legislative Agenda


HB 2: Carry gun without a license (Oppose)


Prohibit possession and sale of assault weapons (Support)


Gun Safety / Mentally Ill (Support)

Eliminate requirement to automatically remove mentally ill removed from Federal Gun Registration after 5 years.


Repeal Campus Carry Law (Support)


Religious Freedom Act (Oppose)

Right to discriminate against citizens based on deeply held religious views.


Child Adoption: Same Sex Discrimination (Oppose)


Conversion Therapy (Support)

Prohibit therapy to change sexual orientation. Has been determined to do psychological damage.’


Hate Crimes (Support)   (Georgia is only 1 of 5 States that does not have this law.)


HB 19: Comprehensive Civil Rights (Support) Georgia is one of just three states in the nation that does not a state civil rights law protecting individuals  by race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability or national origin from discrimination.


Immigrant Rights (Oppose)

An unfunded mandate that takes away local control and requires all law enforcement to report and work with federal immigration enforcement that would tear apart thousands of Georgia families.


Medicaid Expansion (Support)


Medical Marijuana (Support)

Grow and process marijuana for medical treatment


Sex Trafficking (Support)